What am I up to at the moment?

In the spirit of my friend Ned Dwyer, here’s the skinny on what I’m up to at the moment.

Reading (or listening to on audiobook, if I am being honest)

I made a commitment this year to ensure that I read more books by and about women. Invisible Women shows how much the world’s assumption of men as the default person screws over so many people in the world. Broad Band tells the cracking stories of the women who built the foundations of just about everything we use on the internet today. Bonus: I did not know that Grace Hopper used to have a hip flask on the job.


Austin Kleon fed my interest in MF Doom by pointing me at the sublime Ta-Nehesi Coates article about MF Doom from back in 2009, and telling me I should hunt down King Geedorah. It’s ace. What’s also incredibly ace is the Czarface/Metalface LP.


Got a new job. It’s going nicely thanks.

Big hairy audacious goal

I’m doing the 404km Massive Murray Paddle in November. I’m going to be asking you to help us raise money for the Dylan Alcott Foundation soon.

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