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I’m a designer from Melbourne, Australia. I think writing about myself in the third person is stupid. I’m a design and narrative consultant, a host of The Nudge, founder of Hookturn and And Now It’s In Print, a contributor to Dear Design Student, and a believer in the strength of community. I sit on the ethics committee of a major research hospital, I speak and facilitate workshops about design’s place in society, and I think there’s always time to make positive change to yourself and society if you think big but take small achievable steps. I run about a dozen twitter accounts, but the one I want people to take more notice of is @rossfloate. If Instagram is more your bag, take a look at my account. I try to run low on the selfies, but nobody else will let me take photographs of them looking weird.

I have a fascination with ghost signs. My dog is more famous than me. I am always excited when I hear the opening bars of “Africa”, by Toto.



Thanks for reading this. Now get off your butt and go and volunteer some time to a local organisation that needs your help. If you’re in Victoria, Australia (like I am), here’s a link to get you started.

If you want to get in touch with me, please do.

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