Am I The Design Asshole?

You ever wonder if there’s a chance that you might be the asshole at work? Maybe you left a meeting with a bad feeling in your gut. Maybe you gave someone a bad design crit because you were hungover. Maybe you’re just actually an asshole.

My mate Mike Monteiro and I know from assholes. We’ve seen them, and we’ve been them. And we want to help you know when you either are or are not the the asshole in any given work situation. Mostly design, but really any work situation. Think of us as Dear Prudence in a world where Prudence might tell you to lift your game.

We do this because we love you.

We take questions from the audience, and we dispense both loving advice and harsh judgement. It’s what we do.

We do shows once a week for the time being. Timezones being what they are, it’s a Friday after work for our friends in the United States, and it’s a Saturday morning if you’re in Melbourne.

Cheap, fun, educational. Also probably sweary,

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