Work/life balance: watch out for flaming dog-turds!

I’m not 100% sure why, but Hao Nguyen from Balance The Grind thought I might be a good person to speak with about work/life balance. Balance The Grind is an interview site containing a wealth of interviews with leaders across industries, and it’s turning into a collection of great insights into how people manage to maintain some equilibrium in their lives.

Head on over to the site to see why I think work/life balance is a lie, how to deal with flaming dog-turds, and why purpose is more important than balance.

Here’s a sample of what I have to say:

Balance is often the victim. For reasons best known to a highly-paid psychologist, I have had a terrible habit in my life of saying yes to things that I knew would burn me out at some stage in the future. Bringing more calm to my life has been a somewhat slow and drawn out process of learning how to say no to things, and not feeling like every person or issue has a claim to my time.

My psychologist would probably say this process is nowhere near its end yet, but at his rates, he would say that.

Check out the site, and watch out for you-know-what.

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