Peter McGraw isn’t joking about being a good interviewer.

About 18 months ago, Dr Peter McGraw, renowned author of The Humor Code told me he thought that not only was I funny, but that I should be a guest on his podcast.

Peter’s one of the world’s acknowledged experts when it comes to the funny and the guests on his podcast reads like a Who’s Who of chuckles.

You can play the podcast below, or go here for a transcript of the surprisingly (to me) interesting interview about comedy with a guy (me) who is not funny-for-cash.

Here’s a sample:

It’s mostly stored upstairs or if I’m walking with my girlfriend, I will say, “Have you noticed this thing?” She would just say, “No. Shut up, you idiot.” It’s also part of the way that my brain works. For example, if I hear a song, I will be able to tell you another song that the lyrics go with it perfectly. I’ll watch Sons of Anarchy, the TV show, and then four episodes in I’ll go, “This is just Hamlet.” I’m always trying to work out patterns and try to see what people have done. It’s not by choice either. It’s annoying to me sometimes. I’m enjoying things sometimes. When you watch your film and all of a sudden you say, “This is actually just a remake of Seven Samurais.” Even to the point of The Magnificent Seven is just Seven Samurai, but then A Bug’s Life is almost a shot-for-shot remake of The Magnificent Seven as is The Three Amigos. All those things are under the exact same feeling with the same beats.

Have a listen!

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