I’m selling a dishwasher on Gumtree.

Want to buy it?

Hot damn this is a dishwasher so small a really cool dog can sit on top of it, but it can still do dishes like a champ. Yeah, its name is Thor, and that means you can probably use it to clean up after a viking feast or something like that or even store infinity stones in it or whatever Thor does in Asgard with things named after him.

Did I mention that you can sit it on top of a bench and attach it to your normal tap? You got a sharehouse where someone pulls so many cones that they never do their dishes but you don’t have a dishwasher? Thor is there to help you out. You work in an office where Chad never cleans his nonsense novelty mugs at the end of the week? Thor has your back.

I don’t know how old Thor is, but if you went to buy Thor new, Thor would set you back around $500. In case it helps, Thor is non-binary, gender-fluid, and probably a vegan. Far as I know Thor only eats dishwasher pills, water, and dirty dishes. As a special bonus, when you come and get Thor, you can have a pat of this extremely cool dog. For maybe 5 minutes. That’s a sweet deal! Even better, Thor has all the hoses and stuff still and is pretty clean. Might need a bit of a wipe down, but so would you if you’d seen what Thor has seen.

You need Thor. Thor needs a new home. This is a match made in Valhalla. Or Thornbury, where you’re gonna come pick up Thor and take she/he/it/them to a bright new shining life.


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