Like the rest of you I put on my pants on one leg at a time. They are very long legs, but I’m still mostly like you guys. Like you, I used to get taxis all the time, because I don’t like to drive in the city. When Uber launched in my city, I was a very happy man because this town’s taxis are a crapshoot and also my mum told me not to drink and drive.

Initially, only what we now call Uber Black was available here, but then a while back we got UberX. Nowadays I get UberX most of the time, and I only get Uber Black when I feel fancy or I want someone else to say “look at that fancy lad in the Uber Black”.

But every now and then there are times I want more than that. Sometimes I want to feel like a super-fancy-lad. Like a visiting diplomat, or a Kanye. At some level, I think a lot of us want that.

Be honest. Sometimes you want that.

So here is my proposal — UberMotorcade. I use the same app, but instead of just one black town car, four identical black town cars turn up outside whatever bar I’m blitzed at, and I jump into one at random then all four whisk me home, stopping only for a souvlaki and about 70 selfies.

Get on it Uber. This idea is a winner.

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