But what’s it for?

Last night I imported all the better photographs I took at Webstock this year, edited them down to a reasonable number, and then uploaded them to Flickr.

And then I wondered “why?”

I like Flickr. But it’s not where my friends and family are. Not a lot of people see the pics I put on Flickr –– especially in contrast with images I put on, say, Instagram.

So, it’s not for social. At least not for me.

And then I wondered if I did it for storage. But I don’t. I have a storage and backup solution already. And I don’t trust any internet company to not eventually close down a service I like – especially when it’s free.

So in the end, I think Flickr is mostly for Nostalgia. It’s where I send the photos I would have cared for people to see maybe 5 years ago.

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