The wise and erudite Jim Ray first brought Geckoboard to my attention a couple of months ago. For those of us who lusted after Panic’s Status Board, it seemed like a dream come true –– a way to display and compare business data in a public and transparent way. For we at Floate, it looked like it was going to give us a way to show key information at a glance. In pretty pictures –– which designers like.

Everything was right, except the price. And the price was to many minds a touch steep.

Thankfully, earlier this month the folks at Geckoboard updated their pricing structure, and made it easy to trial the service. Additionally, an ecosystem of sorts is starting to spring up around the service, with businesses like GeckoFuel providing widgets to data types not yet natively supported by Geckoboard.

We’re going to be working with some of our more technically-minded collaborators to integrate some of our internal production schedule information into the dashboard in the coming weeks, and we hope to make the status board a constant part of our business.

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