I’m not a software developer, so I can’t talk to the issues from that side of the table. What I can tell you is that I am a big user of Mac software and I have long lamented how difficult to actually find Mac software in Australia. It’s never in-store (though this is changing with Apple stores, which have more stock than ‘authorised resellers’), and it’s impossible to find on the web.

Here’s a web search for OSX CRM Software:

If you’re a developer, I think a 30% cut is a potentially reasonable fee to be able cut through all of that clutter and confusion. As a user, I know there are currently two CRM apps that have gone through at least some kind of quality control from Apple, and that they’re not going to spray crap all over my hard drive and make it impossible to uninstall (I’m looking at you, Daylite).

There’s value in that.

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