Mobile UI Patterns – Check-in Screens


The new Mobile UI Patterns site is fantastic but it reveals a disturbing “me-too” trend in the mobile space: ubiquitous check-ins. The fact that this page can be a category with as many examples as “splash screen” and “activity feed” is a little saddening to me.

You never forget your first and Foursquare will always be my go-to check-in app. It satisfies a past and future need for me much more than a present amusement. I dusted off my Gowalla account this morning in preparation for SXSW but besides that I don’t see the need or purpose of every single app getting in on the check-in game. I thought it was short sighted for Facebook and Yelp to so obnoxiously copy Foursquare. I occasionally use Into_Now but mostly for the novelty (how do they figure out what I’m watching?)

Do we really need to document our activity this vigorously?

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