I’d like to introduce you to a new project I’m working on called ’And Now It’s In Print’.

When I recently attended South By Southwest Interactive in Austin, Texas, I noticed the free newspaper ’Things Our Friends Sent Us For Printing’, published by The Newspaper Club. It contained articles by people like Warren Ellis and Clay Shirkey, and was an interesting read. What set a spark in my mind however was that this was a great way to link the offline and online worlds.

So I recently had a conversation with my friend Ned Dwyer  about the idea of creating a giveaway newspaper that contained the best material from online. We want to create a 16 page newspaper that introduces online talent to people who might not otherwise know about them. In essence the message is “here is a whole culture going on – you should know about this”.

Our planning and production is underway and some great people have come on board with the project (hat tip to James Noble). We’re hoping to focus as much as possible on local talent, with a selection of material from some of the most interesting people producing material for online today.

It promises to be an exciting project, and I hope you’ll follow along.

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