I was talking to a friend recently, and she was complaining about her phone. It was a nice enough Nokia of some description. I’m sure it made calls, sent text messages, did emails, and was capable of moving satellites.

Not to matter, she doesn’t like it. She wants an iPhone.

I asked her if she didn’t think she should wait until the next one came out. After all, a few months is not such a long time and we all know what it’s going to look like now.

She had no idea that there was a new phone coming. And didn’t even really seem to care. Which is as it should be if you have a life that doesn’t revolve around the internet, design, and the next big web thing. She hasn’t been reading the tech blogs, reading the breathless twitter feeds, or joining a “Save Gray Powell” group on Facebook.

That woman is the person who will eventually use your apps, view your websites, play your games. It’s good to keep in mind that we, the people who create this stuff for a living, are a small subset of society. If we want to have any success –– if we want to have any reach –– then we can’t create things that only appeal to ourselves.

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