Following the launch of black-and-white film, colour is due later next year. And the new licencees of the Polaroid brand are getting back on board. In mid-2010 the Summit Global Group will reproduce several classic Polaroid cameras – all using a limited-edition Polaroid- branded film made by the Impossible Project. It’s exciting news, but Kaps keeps things in perspective. “We’re starting our own brand with our own products,” he says. “What we call them is important – it’s like having a baby. You need to give it a name. Once we’ve got the name, we can start building the family.”

December’s UK Edition of Wired has the full story of The Impossible Project. The Project, whose mission is to reverse-engineer and re-release Polaroid film, has announced that they’ll be selling film again around February. On top of that, Polaroid (or at least the current iteration of that somewhat storied brand) has just announced a partnership with Lady Gaga to create new cameras – both analogue and digital.

This is yet another example of how businesses are being built around offering people what I describe as an analogue experience.

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