What a difference two weeks makes. A quick before and after, showing how we’ve updated and codified the brand for a company that manufactures industrial resistors. The site’s not quite finished –– it needs some of the home-page messaging tweaked a little –– but it’s a massive improvement on what is currently online.

It’s an ongoing project, and due to timing and budget the strategy and the design components are taking place simultaneously.

The only way to do something like this properly, and in a short amount of time, is to make a conscious decision to become interested in the client and what they do. In the past few weeks I’ve become quite knowledgable in resistor technology and the markets for industrial resistors.

I’m concurrently becoming interested in frictionless braking, cyclist safety, the history of winemaking in Victoria, automated electricity meter reading, and jewellery sales.

The key, I’ve found, is to ask questions, and to never be afraid of looking ignorant.

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