From an interview with SmartCompany magazine.

Director of Floate Design Partners Ross Floate works on the theory that a brand is a manifestation of a promise. “The problem is that most companies fail on keeping that promise,” he says.

“The most effective way to build the brand is to keep your promises. Word-of-mouth will do a lot of the rest.”

According to Floate, small companies often fail to understand that “what matters is the brand you build in the client’s mind when you deal with them.”

Every interaction a business has with a client is, says Floate, a “brand touchpoint, and it is at these moments when most companies fail. When they are slow to produce an estimate, or their phone manner is poor, or they have poor after-sales follow-up – this is when small companies drop the ball and their reputation diminishes.”

– Six Dirt Cheap Strategies to make a Little Brand Big.

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